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Can a Man get a UTI? Can M and F partners pass it back and

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Can a Man get a UTI? Can M and F partners pass it back and forth? I (48yr M) was diag. with UTI around 20 years ago. I remember they said "white blood cells in urine". My wife at the time seemed to have frequent infections. My current wife has had UTI's come and go over the last year. My family Dr. didn't think much of my urinary complaints, so I saw a Urologist (about 9 months ago). He assured me "Don't have UTI. Can't pass it to another". He put me on Flowmax. That helped with starting and stopping, but still have urgency and frequency problem. Sometimes, (several times per year?) I feel very ill all over, for several days. Went to Family Dr. last week, complaining of back pain. He said "Get more rest". Still hurting and I have felt sick for over two weeks. Took a home UTI test last night. It was positive for white blood cells. This morning there was a trace postive, but that wasn't my 1st urination of the day. I think what I have described as "back pain" is coming from my Kidneys. I feel a twinge in my Bladder. I think this has been going on for a long time. Any ideas?
Men can get UTIs and it is typically from the inability to empty the bladder all the way from an enlarged prostate or an infection of the prostate called prostatitis. Men do not pass UTIs to women from sex, etc. It is quite common for women to get UTIs because their urethras are located within the vagina, which is near the rectum as well. It is much harder for men to get UTIs. White blood cells in the urine can indicate infection, but it can also be present just from inflammation in the urinary tract. The symptoms you describe of urgency,frequency, and back pain should be evaluated by a urologist. One possible cause of your symptoms is kidney stones, which can cause infection as well as make white blood cells show up in the urine. You may need a CT scan to rule this out. Another possibility is prostatitis causing your symptoms. Your urologist should do a prostate massage and culture the prostate fluid to see if there is an infection and start you on a 6-8 week course of antibiotics if there is a suspicion for prostatitis.Hope this helps.
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