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I have pain in my urethra at the tip of my penis that comes

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I have pain in my urethra at the tip of my penis that comes and goes. it occurs after peeing and then comes and goes throughout the day. It is not an STD, please help.
This sounds like it may be related to bladder neck spasms. You need to see a urologist who should start you on a medication called tamsulosin which will help relax the prostate and help stop the bladder neck spasms. Hope this helps and please let me know if you have questions.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
could it be a kidney stone? male bladder infection? This occured after I held my urine for a very long time when I was in traffic and when I was finaly able to go to the bathroom I was fine. However the next morning I started to feel discomfort and it continued from then on to now.
If your tests for UTi were negative, then it is likely not a UTI. If there is no spraying of your urine and no blood in the urine, then it is likely not a kidney stone. This sounds like spasms of the bladder neck and the tamsulosin should help you.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

My pee does smeel foul and I have had discofort in my testicals as well that occurs on and off too.


On a side note I would like to get unlimited answers to my questions and the site keeps asking for a password. I have not entered a password XXXXX any field please advise.

Well if your urine smells foul, then this may be related to a UTI and you should have your urine retested to look for a UTI.

I an a urologist who only answer questions and have nothing to do with the site mechanics. You will have to forward the password XXXXX to customer service.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I have had it retested and there was a negetive result. The medication (cipro) has not done anything for my symptoms. should I still take the meds?


My pee does smell but I am not sure if it is normal or not. I have never really paid close attention to it. Can you tell me what type of smell or how potent it would be if it was a UTI?


Also I thought a UTI was sexualy transmitted. I do not have anal sex with my wife is it still possible for me to get a UTI?

A UTI will smell very foul smelling, not just what normal urine would smell like. A UTI is not sexually transmitted in men. It is still possible for you to get a UTI even without having anal sex. In men, UTIs can be due to retention of urine or infections of the prostate. If you don't have a UTI, you can still take the cipro if your doctor thinks you have an infection of the prostate. However, a urologist needs to do a prostate exam to determine if he thinks you have a prostate infection.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

my doctor did a prostate exam as well and found nothing. I explained that I was feeling sharp pains like a strike of sudden pain in my prostate from time to time but nothing consistant. Would my urine smell foul every time that I went to the bathroom? or just once in a while? it does not smell very foul just as it would if I had been holding it for a long period of time and sometimes not at all. I do have sex alot with my wife and as well prior to this pain I was masturbaiting alot. Daily or more than once a day and still we would have sex. Masturbaiting would help me last longer with intercourse. but I have note masturabated since this pain/discomfort has started.


I also should have mentioned that I do drink coffee every morning until this morning and was on my honeymoon the 10-21 of september. I did have a couple of drinks to celebrate our occassion. Would that affect this or mix bad with the meds?


I was diagnosed with pancreantitis 3-4 years ago and do not drink much but I did for the special occassion. could this be a symptom of the pancreantits?

The alcohol and coffee have no effect on the meds you take or your symptoms. This is not a symptom of pancreatitis. You urine can smell more if you are more dehydrated and there is more color to the urine. It will smell less when it is more dilute.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I drink alot of water about 24 oz 5-6 times a day. would this be the cause of my frequent need to urinate? could it be the spasms of the urethral neck? how long will the tamsulosin take to make the symptoms go away if it is the neck spasms? Is having sex bad for this? or masturbaiting?
The frequency to urinate is likely from the bladder neck spasms. It can take the tamsulosin up to a week for this to work. You can have sex or masturbate and this is fine.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I am not sure if I previously mentioned this but the pain does not occur during urination. It is also painful after masterbation and after sexual intercourse. It occures after a lot of times and during the day out of know where. it is primarily at the tip and sometime there is soreness in my testicals. there is also some minor pain/discomfort in the crease where my legs and plevis meet. This is like a sharp pain for a few seconds and then gone. Could this be side effects from my medication (cipro) or is this another symptom of the neck spasms?


I have been very scared for over a month now. I really appreciate you help and if I am asking to many questions please let me know. I will pay more if I must, however I am on a tight budget.

Again, this sounds like bladder neck spasms and can occur at any time. yOu need to get to a urologist for an exam and to be started on this medication.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I am located near Detroit Michigan. Do you have any recomendations as to who a good gentile urologist would be to go and see? Can my GP perscribe me the tamsulosin?
Yes your GP can prescribe the tamsulosin. Unfortunately, I do not know of any urologists in Detroit, but if you go to Wayne State University, there are excellent urologists there.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I will do that, I am however without insurance for the time being and will not be getting it back until october 15th. is this a problem that could worsen? or cause other problems? what causes this problem? could it have been holding my bladder? Masurbating to much? or having a lot of sex?

It can be caused by holding your urine for too long, so you should try to not do this. It may cause problems with UTIs if you are not emptying your bladder completely. Waiting until Oct 15th will not cause any problems. In the meantime, just try to urinate on a regular basis (every 4 hours). Hope this helps you.
Dr. Y. and other Urology Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I urinate at least once an hour if not more. I thank you for all your help and I hope that the information provided helps as well. Have a good evening. Thank you very much I am satisfied for now.
Your welcome. Good luck.