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I have blood in my semen. I do not have any pain or any obvious

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I have blood in my semen. I do not have any pain or any obvious signs of infection. After self examination, I do not have an enlarged prostate or irregularity of my testicles. There is no difference in my urination. I noticed this two weeks ago. There was semen and just a little bit of blood(pink in color). Three days later the semen was rusty in color(older looking blood) and today there seems to be less blood(lighter brown). I do occasional long bike rides and did a 120 mile bike ride two days before I saw this. What might this indicate? injury, infection, possible prostate issue or something else?
In your situation, this is most likely benign bleeding from prostate irritation from your long bike ride. I see this very commonly in long distance bikers. This is because the trauma from the bicycle seat irritates the prostate, which then causes blood to appear in the semen. This can take up to two months for to completely clear out. The more you ejaculate, the quicker it will clear. At your age, you should be seeing a urologist yearly for a prostate exam as well as a PSA blood test for prostate cancer screening. Very rarely, prostate cancer can cause blood to appear in the semen. However, I don't think this is your case as you have a reason to have blood in your semen from the bike riding. Hope this helps and please let me know if you have any other questions.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
thank you, XXXXX XXXXX sense. Do you think it's ok if I start riding again?
Yes it it certainly ok to start riding again. Let me know if you have other questions, otherwise don't forget to hit the green accept button so i can get credit for helping you. Thanks.
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