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I am having a clear liquid drip from my penis. I was tested

Customer Question

I am having a clear liquid drip from my penis. I was tested for STDs and they came back negative today. I have lost 30 pounds over the past 5 months (from 207 to 177), including over 10 over the last month. I have been through a very stressful situation in my personal life as my wife went to a treatment center for 5 weeks. I started working out about 30 days ago very consistently as per my doctor to help me relieve stress and sleep better. My appetite has been very low and I have been eating much less then before. When I saw my wife two weeks ago, it was strange, I had something leak out as she was giving me a hug. A small amount of leakage - clear, kind of sticky, leaks out during the day. When I am aroused with her now, I drip way more than ever. I had STD test done to check for Clamadia and Gonorrha, - it was negative. Could stress, the weight loss, workout regimine, or something else be a root cause?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Urology
Expert:  Doc-Answers-You replied 7 years ago.
First can I ask did YOU have any sexual relations with anyone besides your wife in the past, if so how long ago. This is very important. You wife went to a treatment center for what??? drugs, alcohol? psychiatric.
In order for me to make an assessment-i need this info please.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No, but my wife did have an affair, but currently states that she did not have sexual intercourse or oral sex. She went in to deal with sexual abuse she had a child.
Expert:  Doc-Answers-You replied 7 years ago.
OK but no drugs were involved in the affair. And can you explain what an affair is without sex?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
She states that she was texting him back and forth from November through the end of March. She went to his house and only kissed him in mid-February and saw him one week later and they kissed and he made her orgasim with his hand. Supposedly, that was the extent of the physical nature of the affair. The last time I had sex with her was in late March, and my symptoms did not appear until the week before last. Again, not sure about how much I believe the details, but she is committed to that story and willing to take a lie detector. Anyway, the symptoms did occur when we first embraced after some very emotional conversations. There are not other symptoms, not redness, no pain...nothing. My primary thinks it could be stress related or having to do with working out again...but this has never happened before.
Expert:  Doc-Answers-You replied 7 years ago.
OK lets say for the moment that there are NO STDS hanging around, not treated, partially treated. It is not uncommon when aroused that men will have some fluid leak out. I do not believe that this is related to working out.
Maybe I misunderstood, but weight loss, is another issue.
Lets say that you are healthy otherwise. Then the weight loss could easily be due to increased exercise, decreased caloric intake, perhaps even emotional issues due to the situation.
Ok then lets switch gears and ask, do you have night sweats, chills, swollen glands, feeling weak and tired?
Things that could cause weight loss (besides dieting and doing what you appear to be doing) are various cancers, hyperthyroid, various inflammatory conditions, depression. There are multiple others as well.
if you have had a complete exam and your doc did t find anything then
I would say its what we said before... more exercise, less calories.
how does this sit with you?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
That sounds right. I did have the night sweats, chills, feeling week symptoms, but that was right after my wife told me about the affair and went to a treatment center. That prompted me to go to the doctor in the first place. I was eating WAY less calories before I spent a week with her in the treatment center. The sweats, chills and everything went away after a week for the most part....and have been totally gone for two weeks. So, I will start eating more balanced and try to gain some weight back. I did have a complete physical the week after she left....
Expert:  Doc-Answers-You replied 7 years ago.
Right-you may need to balance your diet and exercise better. I mean at some point if you are burning carbs in excess, you could start losing muscle mass. Perhaps you need to speak w a dietician or nutritionist. They are probably listed in the phone book.
Otherwise watch your symptoms, and overall status. If things start recurring, and the night sweats, and chills would be of concern see your doc.
dr dennis