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Erectile dyhsfunction. Taking Trimix 20-2-30 compound (PGE1

Customer Question

erectile dyhsfunction. Taking Trimix 20-2-30 compound (PGE1 20MCG/ml - Phent, 2MG/ML - PAP 30 mg/ml) carefully inching up the dosage. Just starting to get a response at around .70 ml but I'm also starting to get dizzy. Fairlyh sure a larger dose will knock me out before I get a usable erection.

How can my doctor shift the mixture to reduce dizziness?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Urology
Expert:  Urologydoc replied 8 years ago.
Usually trimix is fairly fixed mixture. You may be able to get an adequate erection with just the PGE1 without the side effects of the other drugs. Also you could have your doctor inject a higher dose of the trimix in his office and monitor you blood pressure to be sure you don't have a bad reaction
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I accept the answer, and will click accept after I send this. First, a follow-up.

I'm 60 - good health - blood pressure under control without medication - cholesterol should be lower, but within limits.

Testosterone is at extreme low end of scale, but technically within limits. Interest, arousal, lubrication, etc, are all active, and masturbation works, so I don't think testosterone is the problem. I've been taking herbals and other supplements to boost it.

Erection is not hard enough for penetration.

Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, all have some effect, but not enough for penetration.

Started with Caverject. Uped the dosage gradually, but passed out at 50 (stateside caverject comes in 20 max. England caverject goes to 40. 50 goes to my head.)

started with trimix, 20-2-30, have worked my way up to .7 ml, and as I say, I see improvements as I increase the dosage, but I'm starting to get dizzy.

Your answer suggests using PGE1 by itself "without the side effects of the other drugs", but that's where I started, with caverject, and passed out.

I personally believe the medical part of my problem is leakage. Operations exist for that, but why not just get an implant.

Pumps work, but are not our style, so to speak. other known option is an implant, which I am not opposed to. However, first, I was hoping for a change to the tri-mix formula I was using that would reduce the dizziness, but provide a usable erection.

Again, any information would be helpful.