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Have a one mass on my bladder showed up on a ultrasound exam

Resolved Question:

Have a one inch mass on my bladder showed up on a ultrasound exam will b e checked in a week by a Uralagist can you tell me what are some of the things this could indicate I have I am 79 years old
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Urology
Expert:  Urologydoc replied 8 years ago.
Most likely you have a bladder tumor which grow like polyps on the lining of the bladder. They usually cause painless blood in the urine and are diagnosed by cystoscopy. Most are only superficial on the lining of the bladder even though they are cancerous and are treated by just trimming them off the lining though a cystoscope while you are under anesthesia. The most common cause of these is cigarette smoking because of the stong carcinogens in the smoke that are absorbed by the lungs excreted by the kidneys and sit against the bladder lining all day.
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