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My boyfriend has huge testicles and a small penis. He said

Customer Question

My boyfriend has huge testicles and a small penis. He said he always had this and he gave me a name for it but I forgot what it is called and would like to research it. Penetration is difficult because his penis falls out. Help
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Urology
Expert:  Urologydoc replied 8 years ago.
Are the testicles really big or does he have large Hydroceles (sacs of fluid) surrounding the or large spermatoceles benign cysts of fluid near the testicles.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
This is a condition that he always had even as a young man, he is now 60. His testicles are really big, it almost looks as if he only has one. He does not have cysts. His penis is very small also. I can feel it get an erection and he does ejectulate but it is never big enough or hard enough to penetrate. He does have diabetes but he says he has had this condition forever. Also, there are times that his testicles get almost tortise shell like, dark purple and rough. Then when we are active sexually alot, his testicles became normal in color and feel.

He gave me the name of this condition but I forgot it and I would like to get some information on this so as whether I can have a sexually active future with this individual. He has a large appetite for sex.

Thank you
Expert:  Urologydoc replied 8 years ago.
I am not sure what the condition is you are referring to. Usually the testicles themselves are not enlarged. An this is really a problem with the scrotum itself. If he is 60 and diabetic and is having some ED problems already they are likely to get worse. Most scrotal problem can be fixed and most potency problems can be fixed. It sounds like his penis seems very small because it is being hidden by his large scrotum.