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I am so scared to pull my own stent out that is hanging by a

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I am so scared to pull my own stent out that is hanging by a string thru my penis. My doc told me it is no problem but I am afraid it will hurt terribly and I might do something wrong when pulling it out. What is the best way for me to pull it out with the least amount of pain?
You are talking about a ureteral stent, right? Ureteral stents are commonly left in place after surgery, and urologists often leave an attached string to the end so that the patient can remove the stent themselves. First, please be sure to wait the time period that your urologist suggested to leave the stent in. When it is time to remove the stent, please do not be anxious. Removing a stent is not painful. Be aware that the string and stent are both rather long, but they should not hurt to remove. You might consider taking a pain pill prior to removing the stent or doing something else to relax yourself, such as taking a warm bath/shower. To remove the stent, just pull gently and steadily on the string. The string and stent will slide out. Your may feel some strange sensations, but it should not hurt. The main thing is to relax!
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I am just afraid that I will quit pulling the string when the sensation gets rather weird and is there any chance that the stent might somehow get stuck inside me somewhere?

And how long is the actual string part that is attached to the stent? Thank you and thats all the questions I have about this?

Even if you quit for a second or minute or whatever, the stent will not get stuck. You can just continue pulling it out when you get ready. In general the string will be 8-12 inches or so, and the stent is usually about the same length. Please don't worry!
Urology MD and other Urology Specialists are ready to help you