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Dr Patel
Dr Patel, Urologist
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What causes my urine stream to split, spray, change

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What causes my urine stream to split, spray, change directions, etc.? ***** *****


Are you circumcised? Have you ever had an indwelling catheter before?

This is often caused by the hole you urinate out of being small (meatal stenosis as we say). If this is the case, it can be easily dilated in the office by a urologist.

If your are not circumcised, it is obviously important to pull back the foreskin. If you can not pull it back all the way, this may also be a cause.

Hope this helps.

Please let me know if I can help further.

Take care,

Dr Patel

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Dr. Pate:
I have been circumcised. I have had a catheter before.
If I roll the head of my penis between my two palms, before urinating, sometimes the stream
will be solid, but more often than not, the stream will split, go back
to solid, split again in another direction, sometimes backward down onto my pants,
back solid again, and then spray a while and go back to solid and split,
and so on. I'm still not sure what causes it nor how it can be corrected. Thank you for your first answer with its questions. Robert
PS: Maybe it's because I'm 82.


Having had a catheter before is a risk factor for a urethral stricture (narrowing in the tube you void out of).

Do you have trouble starting, a weak stream, or a sense of incomplete emptying of your bladder?

I think the easiest thing to do is to see a urologist. They could place a small telescope inside your bladder (cystoscopy) and evaluate your urethra.

Although this may be obvious, in the meantime it may be helpful to just sit as you void so you dont ruin your clothes!

Best of luck,

Dr Patel