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Burning sensation after urination

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I have had a burning sensation inside my penis after urinating for the past 7 weeks.I have seen my local GP and had the digit examination,blood test and urine tests all of which came back OK,however i still have this cold burning sensation sometimes for hours and sometimes only for about ten moments after urinating. I have a normal flow,slightly amber in colour and no pain when urinating or when i have an erection,and i dont have to get up in the night. Its really getting me down can you advise.

I would like to help you but need additional information. Is this pain occurring only when you urinate, or do you have it other times as well? And is your pain only in your penis, or do you have pain elsewhere (back, abdomen, groin area). Do you have any fever with this? Did you have a new sex partner at all, before this all started?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi, Not only when i urinate,it seems to be in the background all the time but worse after i urinate not while im going,no pain anywhere else,and no fever. I have been with the same woman for 29yrs and have not had sex with another woman for the past sixteen years.

I'm happy the urine and blood tests turned out well. I would suggest being tested for prostatitis, as it may explain your symptoms...from what you write.

Prostatitus is an infection or inflammation of the prostate, and it can indeed produce pain like you describe. It would not show up in a urine or blood test. I know you mentioned a digital exam, that just checks the size of the prostate and how it doesnt check for an infection. Symptoms of prostatitus also can, but don't have to, include any of some of:

Urinary frequency (going more often), slowing of the urinary stream (which is not you), a burning feeling with urination or ejaculation (which you have), burning in the glans penis (head of the penis) unrelated to urination, sexual dysfunction (such as difficulty with erection), aching in the penis (which you have), testicles, and discomfort in the lower abdomen, low back, groin, rectum or perineum

It is one of the most common reasons for men to be seen. It is NOT associated with prostate cancer, and there is NO link between prostate cancer and prostatitus. This condition can be caused by chronic or acute bacterial infections, and most commonly, there is inflammation but no bacteria present (but the semen does contain products of inflamation). There is also prostodynia, which produces pain but no objective findings.

To test for prostatitus, an analysis of the semen is made, and often it can involve a prostate exam as well. In prostatitus, Treatment for this involves antibiotics for a few weeks. Medication can also be given to relax the prostate so it is not as painful.

Here is a helpful website:

I hope that helps you.


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