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In England, why do drivers drive on what is the passengers

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In England, why do drivers drive on what is the passenger's side/seat in The United States? Thank you.

Joshua :

Thanks for your question. Please kindly RATE my answer when you are satisfied

Joshua :

Do you ask out of historical interest please or for a particular legal reason?


I was seeing a TV program the other day that took place in Denton, England. I don't know if that is a real place or a fictional place, but since I saw drivers drive on that side of the seat in the TV program, I just wondered why out of curiousity. Thank you.

Joshua :

Oh ok thanks. The reason is I believe that many years ago in feudal times it made sense for people on horse back and so on to pass each other on the left so that if the person passing them on the other side turned out to be a robber for example they were on your right hand side which was for most their strongest arm for their sword.

Joshua :

Accordingly horses became carriages and traffic customs naturally developed from that. Many of the of the old British colonies still drive on the left hand side - it is not just the UK.

Joshua :

The US - an ex British colony itself wanted to throw off all signs of old British colonialism decided to drive on the other side and much of the world followed because the US then made a lot of attractive cars.

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