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Stuart J
Stuart J, Solicitor
Category: UK Traffic Law
Satisfied Customers: 22624
Experience:  PGD Law. 20 years legal profession, 6 as partner in High Street practice
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hi, i just recieved a nip for doing 29mph on tower bridge

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i just recieved a nip for doing 29mph on tower bridge on 15/03/13 at 00.20 in the morning as it as clear and i was going with the flow of traffic and i thought that the speed limit was 30mph, is there any way that i can defend this in court and not get the 3 points on my licence

Thank you for your question and welcome to Just Answer. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try to help with this.

Do you have other points?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes i have 3 points

cu80 recieved on 29/01/2012

I know this isn’t going to be the answer you want to hear, and it’s certainly not what I want to tell you. However, I wish to be completely honest with you, so I feel obligated to not give you false hope.

I'm really sorry but there is no defence in saying that you believed the speed limit was higher than it was unless, of course, you can argue that the speed limit was not properly signed.

However, I know Tower Bridge well and there are speed limits upon entry at both ends reminding motorists that its a 20 mph limit. I have never known a court find that its not properly signed at that location.

Obviously there is always a chance that they will forget to summons you but if you went to court there is no defence arising from your account.

If you only have 3 other points though you are not at risk of totting.

Sorry thats probably not the answer you wanted but it is the position that you have and I have a duty to give you truthful and accurate information even though its not what I want to say.

Hope this helps. Please rate my answer OK SERVICE or above and I can answer your related questions.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

not very help ful but thanks any way

Opting out because you have left a bad service rating.

I'm afraid I do not make the law or the speed limits.

I see that my colleague has opted out.

I can confirm what she has said is absolutely correct. It appears that you
would make you were doing 29 mph and simply did not know what the speed limit
was. I can confirm that that is not a defence.

We would love to tell you that you have a brilliant defence and that you
should go to court and defend it with a view to getting off. Indeed, if we were
solicitors in practice we would probably relieve you of £1000 for doing that
but you would still get nicked anyway.

Remember that we have no vested interest in saying that you have a good
case or a bad case because we have no interest in going to court unlike the
solicitor who does not go to court who does not get paid unless he goes to

To be frank, it would be irresponsible of us to take this matter to court
(even if we could do) if you wanted to pay because you have very little, if any
chance at all, of getting off.

I appreciate this is not the answer you wanted but there is no point in me
misleading you and obviously, it is clearly unfair to rate our answer service
poor or bad simply because you do not get the answer you want.

I'm happy to give you the answer you want but it will not be the correct
one unfortunately

Can I help further?

Please bear with me today because I am online and off-line.

Please don't forget to positively rate my answer service (even if it was
not what able to leave at any time. If you don't rate it positively, then the
site keep your deposit and I get 0 for my time. It is imperative that you give
my answer a positive rating. It doesn't give me "a pat on the head", "good boy"
(like ebay), it is my livelihood!

If in ratings you feel that you expected more or it only helped a little,
please ask

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

so i should accept the points and fine

That is your choice. If I got it (and my time in court is my own!), I would take the points and fixed penalty.


Stuart J, Solicitor
Category: UK Traffic Law
Satisfied Customers: 22624
Experience: PGD Law. 20 years legal profession, 6 as partner in High Street practice
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