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I have been issued a Postal Requisition informing me that I

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I have been issued a Postal Requisition informing me that I am being charged for speeding in excess of 30 miles an hour ( 56 ). The paper work indicates I have 3 options 1, to plead guilty by post, 2, attend court and plead guilty or 3,plead not guilty. It also refers to sections of paperwork I should refer to that explains what to do next in each instance. It also says I need to fill in the plea form. There is no plea form in the paper work I have been sent, nor is there the paper work that gives explanation of what to do once deciding on the above 3 options. I am intending on pleading guilty by post and also my employer has offered to issue a letter to try and support my plea in asking the court to aply as much leaniency as possible, which I am hoping shall be a possitive when the case is considered. I drive arround 30,000 miles a year and have held a driving licience for 29 years which up until now is clean. I have called the magistrate court office to advise I do not have all the paperwork and the lady did not understand what to do and needed to speak to somone else when they came in as accourding to her pleading guildy by post is a new thing? Can you advise on the likely outcome and what do I do if I get nowhere with the office in relation to getting the necessary forms. Are these standard across all courts and can I get hold of them from the internet?

Thank you for your question and welcome to Just Answer. I will try to help with this.

Do you have any other points?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


No I do not have any other points


These forms are not usually available on the internet. The Court should have sent them out.

However, this is fairly simple solved I'm afraid.

If this is a speed of 54mph in a 30 mph zone then there is really no point in pleading by post. I'm afraid they will summons you to court for consideration of disqualification anyway.

You may as well attend on the day set down and plead in person.

You are at risk of 6 points or disqualification of between 7-56 days. Realistically, unless the location was close by something like a school, they are going to give you points.

If you have no other points then you are not at risk of disqualification for totting.

You have been driving for more than 2 years so you will not be revoked immediately.

Sorry if thats bad news.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I dont understand. Why would they offer me the chance to plead by post if I was not going to be given the opertunity to? I have now had a call back from the court office informing me that it is not them that have issued the letter it is the speed enforcement office. I have tried ringing them and just get a busy tone. The court is 300 miles from where I live and I really do want to try and avoid going if not needed.

Im afraid there's no realistic prospect of avoiding attending court.

Your speed is too high to be dealt with by any other means that consideration of disqualification unless you literally meet a court that departs from the sentencing guidelines.
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