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Hi, I got on a train yesterday without a ticket. I was tired

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I got on a train yesterday without a ticket. I was tired and simply didn't think to get one beforehand and just expected to be able to pay the conductor on the train (which is what i have done on many occasions before). I didn't see the conductor and got off the train expecting to be able to pay the conductor on the platform. I told the lady I didn't have a ticket and that I needed to buy one. She said that she wouldn't be selling me a ticket and introduced herself as a Revenue Protection Officer and cautioned me and took a brief statement before saying the East MIdlands Trains would be writing to me after she had sent her report. I'm concerned that i am now going to end up with a criminal record for something that I clearly didn't intend to do. I am a solicitor (although do not specialise in this sort of thing) and i'm concerned about the implications of what might happen in terms of having to report this to the Solicitors Regulation Authority. This has never happened to me before and don't know what to expect or what is the best course of action in the circumstances. Are all cases dealt with by issuing a magistrates summons and if so, will i have a criminal record for an offence of dishonesty if i pay the fine? The ticket would only have cost approximately £3.00 and i did not get on the train with the intention of not paying the fare.
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Did you get a penalty fare?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

no. The RPO said she wouldn't be selling me a ticket and that she would write a report and I would be receiving a letter from East Midlands Trains

The difficulty you have is this, it is an offence to travel without a ticket.

If there is an open booking office or ticket machine then you should purchase before you travel.

If there is not then there may be an authority to travel machine.

If the booking office is closed and they do not have an automated machine that is different

But you have committed an offence.

If you are written to then you should try and negotiate an out of court settlement.

If it goes to court you would have to plead guilty as it is an offence. As such you would need to declare this to the sra who would then decide if you are a proper person to be a solicitor.

But try and deal with this in a non court matter,

I am sorry if this is not the answer you are looking for but based on what you have said, this is the legal position.

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