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Jo C.
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Hi.. Having a nightmare with Philips Bailiffs at the moment.

Customer Question

Having a nightmare with Philips Bailiffs at the moment.

When i moved flat earlier this year forgot to change my car info at DVLA and having done so last month to tax my car i have received a tidal wave of outstanding parking fines.

The amount owed has doubled in 4 weeks and although i have offered to pay in installments they refuse.
I wrote to them explaining the situation and asked them to re calculate the amount owed , they have not responded...
what do you think?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: UK Traffic Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 6 years ago.
What would you like to know about this?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Can i stop the process?

Do i have a case to reduce the amount owed now standing at £1660+

They refuse me the installment happy to pay but on my terms

On MaY 17 £762 was owed and on July 1st £1322.and now £1660

I just want them to be reasonable and re-calculate the amount due and let me pay minthly.
Expert:  Jo C. replied 6 years ago.

No, doesn't work that like at all.

If these are council issue fines and they have increased because you didnt' tell the DVLA where the car was kept essentially, then this will be negotiated on bailiff terms rather than yours. You are underestimating their powers in a fatal way.

If you did incur these fines and did not pay and didn't receive notification because the DVLA didn't have the right address for the car then they were properly issued.

The question is how can they be paid. The risk you face is this. If the bailiffs don't like the offer you are making, they will just attend and clamp your car or seek to gain entry to your home. They cannot force entry but there are lots of ways around that and bailiffs are adept at them.

There is no way of stopping that action but you can slow it down. I can give you more information on how to cope with an actual bailiff visit if you'd like but you can't get an injunction to stop them attending on the facts you've presented.

Sometimes they will negotiate deals over repayment but not on your terms. You have to make them an offer that they find acceptable or they will just attend your house. They may not get any property on that occasion but the problem with bailiff action is that they will add the cost of their visit and any enforcement action to the bill so a parking fine can get out of control very easily.

I think the bills have risen for that reason here. Probably they are charging you for their visits and that will continue if you don't take action.

You can ask the court to consider the reasonableness of bailiffs fees but a bailiff's visit is an expensive affair and if you've been refusing to pay then they probably will get away with charging more than appears reasonable at first glance.

These are court bailiffs. They are the most powerful creditor and payment is on their terms I'm afraid.

I'm happy to discuss this but please remember to click on accept.
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Expert:  Jo C. replied 6 years ago.

I've seen your other post. You can ask follow up questions for free on here.

I'm not sure what you want me to say though. You didn't tell the DVLA where the car was being kept. The parking fine has gone to bailiffs. They are allowed to add charges.

You have a reply button.
Expert:  Jo C. replied 6 years ago.
You can ask follow up questions for free on here.

You have a reply button.