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I have had the wrong date of birth on my driving license for

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I have had the wrong date of birth on my driving license for 30yrs. The month is wrong, 6 instead of 8, the day and year are correct. I was a bit impatient when i was 15 for my provisional driving license to ride a moped, and so put an earlier date of birth by 2 months. I have had several speeding fines in the last 20 yrs and have declared my correct date of birth. All other personal documents have correct date of birth ie passport etc. I considered just applying for a new licence with correct date of birth on line. What is the best way to correct this situation?
Is your insurance in the correct date of birth?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
yes the insurance always has been
You should sort it out really. If your date of birth is wrong then your driver's number may well be wrong as its worked out on the date of your birth.

Obviously its not the DVLA's fault though that this has happened which does carry risk.

But if you send your birth certificate in with the notification then there should be no difficulty with accepting the correct date of birth.

If its just 2 months out and this was over 30 years ago then its quite unlikely that they would even notice the impact this would have on your entitlement to drive.

I'm happy to discuss this but please remember to click on accept.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Yes the drivers number is wrong

will dvla be able to view old paper application records from 30yrs ago?

What impact could this have on the entitlement to drive?

Is it best toplay country daft and apply for new licence on line stating old one is lost?

Could this be a case for prosecution?

It is possible that they could but records tend not to be kept impeccably when they are 30 years old.

They could revoke your licence but that isn't really very likely. In fact, I imagine the only really incorrect licence was the provisional. You were the correct age when you actually took your test I suppose?

You cannot tell lies by saying that the licence is lost. I wouldn't say anything at all about this. I would just inform them that the date is wrong.

In legal theory I suppose it could be a case for prosecution but its very unlikely. This is 30 years old. You were entitled to a licence anyway and have subsequently taken the proper tests and been insured throughout. To be honest, there are enough wholly false passports and licences to keep the authorities busy. Obviously there are no guarantees but its not very likely. They would also have to prove that it wasn't a genuine error. Of course, you cannot say that it was but you can put them to proof.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
many thanks
No problem.

Good luck.