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I have a combined tax and VISA question. Me, my spouse and

Customer Question

I have a combined tax and VISA question. Me, my spouse and our child are Indian residents. My wife is moving to UK on Tier 2 Visa for approximately an year my daughter who is 2 years old will accompany her on dependent VISA (I guess).
Now as for me, I asked my company to temporarily transfer me to UK in one of the subsidiary companies, but that is turning out to be tough as none of these subsidiaries have R&D presence in UK. Instead they have agreed to transfer me temporarily to Germany headquarters. From there on I guess I have 2 options, for both I want to understand the tax and Visa implications.
1. I'll work most of time in Germany, but visiting my family for about a week every month. During this visit I'll continue to work remotely. I estimate total number of days spent in UK from October to next September to be around 120 including holidays.
2. I work almost completely remotely from UK, only travelling to Germany for important discussions and meetings. In that case I'll spend about a week or two in Germany every month and remaining time in UK.
My question is for each of above 2 options
- will I need work permit in UK?
- can I do any of above options as dependent to my spouse?
- what are the UK tax liabilities in both cases? I'll be paid salary in Indian account, plus allowances in German account. Both Indian and German tax liabilities will be borne by my company.
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: UK Tax
Expert:  Sam replied 9 months ago.


We cab only answer the UK tax part of your questions as we UK tax experts and have no immigration knowledge or official German tax expertise - would you like me to proceed with the UK tax aspects?



Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Since I'm looking for clarification on both tax and VISA issues, may be I'll check first with our company delegation center in Germany first. Thanks for your offer to help, I'll get back in case I'm unable to get clarifications.
Expert:  Sam replied 9 months ago.

NO problem but this would require you on Just Answer for you to list this twice - one for tax a one for immigration!



Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Sure, as advised will repose the query as two separate questions if required.

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