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Sam, Accountant
Category: UK Tax
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Hi Sam I am moving to the Netherlands to live but want to

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Hi Sam
I am moving to the Netherlands to live but want to continue working for my own business in the UK of which I am an employee (Ltd Company)
I anticipate that I will need to visit the UK for a maximum of 5-7 days per
month to visit clients to do business. I may also need to come to the UK for holidays/visiting children. Ideally I would prefer to continue being taxed solely from the UK as if I was working from there. However I am also planning to rent some office space in Utrecht where I can work
Can you advise of my best course of action please?



Thanks for your question and asking for me.

The company will remain liable to UK corporation tax as the company is situated in the UK, and business will continue to be conducted from the UK so the office apace in Utrecht can be claimed as an expense through the limited company accounts. However as you will also trade in the Netherlands, you should establish with the Dutch tax authorities, how they will treat you and the business under their tax jurisdiction.

We do have a double taxation agreement with the Netherlands, so if they argue that the business conducted falls within their remit, then you can at least have credit for any UK tax suffered or visa versa.


The question is where you as an individual will be deemed liable to tax, and as some of your business will be undertaken in the UK, at least this element of the salary/dividends drawn will remain liable to UK tax, but again as you will be remitting salary/dividends into the Netherlands, again depending how they view you under their tax regime, could see you still having a liability within their tax jurisdiction.


As far as the UK is concerned you can certainly continue to remain fully liable for your taxes in the UK, but I am afraid it is not as straight forward as that, and as this is a UK tax forum (of which I am one of the experts) its only UK taxes, and the double taxation agreements held, with current treaties in force that we can advise on with accuracy.


So you really need to establish how Netherlands will treat you first (as you will reside and trade n their country) so that makes the way forward clearer.





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