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I am a UK VAT registered management consultancy. Supply of

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I am a UK VAT registered management consultancy. Supply of services is a VAT able supply, VAT charged in the UK, Reverse Charge to the EU and Outside scope - not charged outside EU.

I now want to publish a B2B management report - and when I did the same in 2005 and 2007 - on paper copy - it was not a vatable supply.

While I note that none of the UK based B2B who publish management reports quote VAT on their order forms and nearly all now supply them on PDF - I thought I would now double check with HMRC..and I am left confused by their answer.

This was paper B2B report are not vatable - but electronic/PDF supply is!

1. Outside of Europe - it is outside the scope - easy no issue
2. In Europe - do not charge VAT- but put the Reverse Charge rule on the invoice - irrespective of them supplying a EU VAT number (this is a change as you need it for the EC Sales List), and then they stated it was a zero rated supply. Now I am confused!
3. And so what do we do in the it zero rated or not - and so what do we do?

Please help!!

Joe Czternastek
Hello, I'm Keith and happy to help you with your question.

UK Position

On paper the report is indeed zero rated for VAT. I have been in the same situation myself, but that was before the common use of the net and I was buying for a non-registered organisation!

If you send it out by electronic means it is a standard rated supply so if customers pay for it you must levy VAT at 20%.

EU position

It is confusing I know and the Reverse Charge system is a pain to operate. However the VATman told you it was a zero rated supply and he was right! Please remember that the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands are not in the EU and supply to buyers located in those locations is a zero rated one.
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