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i have a uk pension and recieve 3000 pounds pension part occuptanional

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i have a uk pension and recieve 3000 pounds pension part occuptanional and part social welfare if i lived in britain would i be liable for any tax



If this was your only income the no, as this is well below the personal allowances you would be entitled to (which allow the first £9440 of income to be tax free if under 65 or the first £10,500 if born between 05/04/1938 and 05/04/1948, or the first £10,660 if born before 05/04/1938)


But if this is not your sole income, then you may well have a tax liability, please advise if this is the case.





Customer: replied 3 years ago.

i am resident in republic of ireland and receive an irish pension here i did hear ( not from a professional ) that if my uk pension was not liable for tax in britain the revenue in the republic should not tax me that is the full extent of my enquiry



No that's incorrect. You would be liable to tax on this pension even in the UK IF your income in total was above the thresholds I gave you. And this is because the income you get from the UK is taxable income (although that does not mean that tax is actually taken from it, but that it has to be included along with your total income to establish whether you have a tax liability) the same would apply in Ireland as it would in the UK.


So, say you lived in the UK then your Irish pension would be considered along with your UK pension position, (as your residency would be here in the UK and your worldwide income considered) and tax deducted IF it was in excess of the personal allowances I gave you.

And even if this was deemed to be not liable to tax (and there are very few incomes that are exempt from tax) then that would only apply in the country in which payment is made, but not in another countries tax jurisdiction. We have many USA UK residents, who get a tax free federal pension, who are surprised to learn that the UK treat this as taxable income when determining their UK tax position.


Do feel free to ask any follow up questions if needed, and I am sorry the news is not better for you, but it would be appreciated if you could rate the level of the service I have provided (rather than the fact the news is not more favourable)









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