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None EU employee who has got company benefit leaves UK in Mid

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None EU employee who has got company benefit leaves UK in Mid of November 2013 permanently. Medical insurance which is not on payrolled and tax due are collected vai next year's tax code. In the part-way of tax year, employer's has to wait until end of the tax year to submit P11ds related to that benefit. In that situation, what should none EU employee inform HMRC to get overpaid tax correctly by taking into account benefit which hasn’t been due to reached HMRC via employer’s P11ds return. When he should claim back overpaid tax and what forms should he needs to complete.

If the medical benefit isn't added to an employee's pay each month which it rarely is, then it should be included in the employee's tax code as a deduction from their personal allowance so the tax is collected from each month's salary in the tax year during which it is provided. That can be done by calling the tax office and asking them to put a medical benefit in the tax code. That is how it is done for most taxpayers. The tax is not supposed to be collected in the following year's tax code.

At the end of the tax year, the employer has to complete and submit P11Ds to the tax office and they should also provide each employee with a copy of their P11D to assist them with the completion of their tax returns if they complete them. If there is a difference between the medical benefit figure which has been included in a tax code and the figure on the P11D, then, all else being in order, there will either be a tax underpayment or an overpayment.

If you are an employee who will leave the UK in November 2013, you can complete a P85 and send it to the tax office to get back any tax overpaid as you will be entitled to a full year's personal tax allowance. Since your medical benefit may not be in your tax code which it should be then you may owe tax on that. If it is in the tax code then you should either get the actual benefit figure for a part year from your employer and mention that in the P85 or estimate it. Either that, or wait until the tax year end, make sure you get a copy of your P11D and send that and your P45 to the tax office asking them to review your tax position for 2013/14 and to repay to you any tax overpaid.

I hope this helps but let me know if you have any further questions.
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