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Category: UK Tax
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Hello I have a CT600 problem regarding error for boxes AC132

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Hello I have a CT600 problem regarding error for boxes AC132 and AC133. It is saying it does not match balance sheet but the figures are the same as detailed below:

AC44 - £1,808 (2012) AC132 - £1,808 (2012)
AC45 - £2,185 (2011) AC45 - £2,185 (2011)

The other entries made for depreciation area are:

AC124 £2,185 (start of accounting period)
AC125 £62 (additions)
AC127 £2,247 (end of accounting period)

AC129 £439 (charge for year)
AC131 £439 (end of accounting period)

AC132 £1,808
AC133 £2,185

I have been working on this for several days and cannot get passed this point. I have also tied inputting £500 into AC128 as the depreciation for previous period but this made it worse.

I hope you are able to help, many thanks in advance

Hello and welcome to the site.

Marie, thank you for your question.

Please advise category of tangible assets

Plant & Machinery, Office Equipment or Fixture and fittings

Also provide breakdown


Also confirm the figures for 2011 were


AC127 - Cost £2,185

AC131 - Depreciation 0

AC133 - Net Book value £2,185


Was there no depreciation charge for last year (2011)

Many thanks

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The tangible Asset is motor vehicle and fixtures. First year of business was last year this is second year of corporation tax reporting. Depreciation last year was 500 on vehicle and zero on the fixtures due to lateness of purchase within year one. This year is £439 on straight line basis.
At start of this period Vehicle £2,000 - £400 = £1,600 at end of period
At start of this period fixtures £185 - £39 + £62 = £208 at end of period

Thanks once again especially as my deadline for submission is 20th September, 2013 (tomorrow).
Marie, thank you for your reply...

You should have under Section 2 Accounts
tangible assets - x in boxes for
Motor vehicles

This would open the pages
Tangible assets: Fixtures and fitting
tangible assets: Motor vehicles

You should input for Fixtures and fittings
AC124A - £185
AC125A - £62
AC127A - £247 (this box is calculated)
AC128A - £0
AC129A - £39
AC131A - £39 (this box is calculated)
AC132A - £208 (2012 - this box is calculated)
AC133A - £185 (2011 - this box is calculated)

You should input for Motor vehicles
AC124C - £2,500
AC127C - £2,500 (this box is calculated)
AC128C - £500
AC129C - £400
AC131C - £900 (this box is calculated)
AC132C - £1,600 (2012 - this box is calculated)
AC133C - £2,000 (2011 - this box is calculated)

Tangible asset - TOTAL (all boxes are calculated - do not input)
AC124 - £2,685
AC125 - £62
AC127 - £2,747
AC128 - £500
AC129 - £439
AC131 - £939
AC132 - £1,808
AC133 - £2,185

You appear to have missed entries in Box 128

I hope this is helpful and answers your question.

If you have any other questions, please ask me before you rate my service – I’ll be happy to respond. and other UK Tax Specialists are ready to help you
Tanya, thank you for accepting my answer.

If I can be of help in the future, please contact me here and ask for me.

Best wishes