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Hi. I am in receipt of Job seekers allowance (JSA) and have

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Hi. I am in receipt of Job seekers allowance (JSA) and have not claimed any benefits for years and years. It all seems to have changed and it doesn't seem as though the Jobcentre advisors are as helpful as they use to be. The question is what else am I entitled to claim with income based JSA?



Thanks for your question


Do you have children, if so what age are they?

Do you pay rent or a mortgage?

How long have you been claiming JSA, and how long has your partner been out of work?




Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have 2 of my own children (who do not reside with me so they're out of the loop) and one stepdaughter. She is 13 and goes to school.

I don't pay rent or mortgage, own my house. I applied for JSA 28.8 and it has been awarded on a joint basis with my partner because she is a new EU citizen who can live in the UK but cannot claim benefits on her own. I've been told by the advisor she can be on the claim to make it a joint claim. She cannot work PAYE but can self employed which we are trying to find for her including some work for me but its not easy.

I'm thinking of other help like council tax, bus passes, recreational, etc any other passes for other things or any funds we can tap into because I had to leave everything in my former matrimonial home and have very little in the new home own jointly by me and my ex.



Thanks for your response


Then you may have a claim for child tax credits, for the 13 year old stepdaughter IF there is a valid claim for child benefit which might require you to make this claim as your partner is not eligible for UK benefits.



Council tax - yes, you can make a claim to your local council for this, and get 100% reduction. But there are no other help other than that which the school might offer for school trips, and free school meals.


If you have interviews then there is assistance with travel costs, and purchase of suitable clothing such as a suit, but not general help with travel, or clothing, plus through DWP (Jobseekers) there is what was known as the social fund which provides assistance with household items or emergency situations. However the social fund was abolished in April 2013 and each council may or may not participate in the new arrangements, and this is something you will need to ask your local Jobcentre.

Then there are food banks, which are becoming more in demand and are springing up everywhere, and you would qualify for assistance here too.


Free courses in Adult Education, for GCSEs and some other social courses.


Other than that, I am afraid there is not much more I can think of (as most of this is not mainstream assistance), I'm sorry there is not more available, as I know what a struggle it can be.




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