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Hi,I have been self employed since 2009 and completed my

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I have been self employed since 2009 and completed my Self Assessment on time every year. During these years I have had contracts where Tax was deducted plus periods where I was paid at gross rate. I now find that I over claimed tax back for year ending 2011 which I must confess was my error as doing my own thing was not a good idea. A colleague you operates as a consultant too advised me of allowances which I have never claimed for and my question is. If HRMC can go back, can I have my past years self assessment checked by a Tax advisory to see if I have under claimed which could counter claim the compliance debt I am now faced? How fa back can I go?

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MamaTax :

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MamaTax :

Yes you can correct your tax return online or send HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) the pages of your paper tax return (mark them ‘amendment’). The deadline for this is 12 months after the tax return deadline (eg 31 January).

If the period you refer to relates to a period more than 12 months ago then you need to write to HMRC and:
confirm the tax year you’re correcting
explain why you’ve paid too much tax
include proof you’ve paid the tax in that year
confirm how you want the refund

The deadline for writing to HMRC is 4 years after the end of the tax year you’re correcting for such corrections.

If you have any refunds, HMRC will let you know how much your refund is (including interest). If you owe more tax, HMRC will let you know how much tax you owe (including interest) and when to pay them.

You can use this address below to post your documents:

HM Revenue & Customs
Self Assessment
PO Box 4000
CF14 8HR

Hope this helps.

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