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hi, between 1999 and 2004 i was a self employed courier, towards

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between 1999 and 2004 i was a self employed courier, towards the end of this period my accountant advised me the inland revenue were auditing me, During this audit my accountant unfortunately passed away and i ended up dealing with them myself.
They asked me for approx £4500 which i just paid as i was no longer self employed and just wanted it sorted, this was in 2006.
Now i have received a bill for £850 for year 2002/3. When i enquired why, i was told 2002/3 was not included in the settlement as it was put on appeal in feb 2006.
what i would like to know is;
I never appealed anything i just paid what was asked
I have never received any correspondence regarding this appeal
This was over 7 years ago can they do this, I have asked for details of the appeal by phone and was told they cannot look back that far although they seem to be able to find enough information to bill me


MamaTax :


Its MamaTax Here!

MamaTax :

Thanks for the question.

MamaTax :

However its difficult to advice not knowing how the underpayment arose; whether there is indeed an underpayment etc. My advice is to get a tax investigation specialist who will provide you with specialist advice to minimise the stress and anxiety that HMRC may be causing by going to and fro about the past underpayment. You can easly get someone for say £100- £200 on sites like this LINK where you post your requirements for no fee and the speciliast appriach you - visit /call and go through with you the past accounts and rework tax paid and what should have been paid. They will advice whether to appeal or not . In fact a specialist takes over all the communication with HMRC and i guess this a more efficient and cost effective manner of dealing with your case.

MamaTax :

Hope this helps. If you have any further comments please let me know.

MamaTax :


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