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My wife & I are UK non-residents since Jan 2009 living in Switzerland

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My wife & I are UK non-residents since Jan 2009 living in Switzerland with Non-UK passports. In 2003 I bought a UK property as Primary Residence (my only property). After moving abroad in 2009, we let the property out from Oct 2009 until July 2011. We then extended the property and put it on the market Jan 2013. If we sell the property this tax year (13/14) would there be any UK CGT or other taxes to pay? What information is required on my tax declaration assuming a sale?


So long as you remain non-UK resident until at least 6 April 2014 (5 complete tax years starting from 6 April 2009) you will not have to pay CGT in the UK on any gain you make. If you return to the UK to live before 6 April 2014, the gain will be taxable in the year of your return subject to main residence and letting reliefs.

As far as your tax return is concerned, you do not need to report the gain but it would be as well to put a note in the white space on the return to notify the tax office that you have sold the property.

I hope this helps but let me know if you have any further questions.

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