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Tony Tax
Tony Tax, Tax Consultant
Category: UK Tax
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This is a leeter ive composed to send to hmrc,They wont release

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This is a leeter ive composed to send to hmrc,They wont release payment and i want to know what to so before i send it its self expalntory thanks
I have received today, a vat 655 form.1 presume in response to
my letter of 04/07/2013.
This V55 indicates a repayment due to me of £15050.00.As no explanation is
given,l cannot comment on how those figures were calculated.
They are however, incorrect. Perhaps if I details my VAT history, and returns it _~,
may become clearer. _;,
I registered for VAT Jan 25th 2011.However, as you are aware the effective date-'
should have been June 1st 2007. /"
You visited Bob Horns office in Shenfteld to view my 1st return (jan 2nd/march
31st 2011)You found no errors, but reduced Vat due to me to £1852.40.
You were concerned that good that I claimed for, were leaving the UK.
You picked 10 random shipments, and asked me to provide proof of shipping.I
did this and sent it to your office.
Bob Horn then continued to submit vat returns as follows;
March 2011 refund due £1852.40
June 2011 refund due £2265.54
Sept 2011 refund due £3412.11
dec 2011 refund due£9252.36
March 2012 refund due £3392.22
June 2012 refund due £4063.69
Sept 2012 refund due £2184.37
Dec 2012 refund due £3097.24
March :2013 refund due £300.
In April 2012 I received an asessment of vat due for the period june 1st 2007
teJan 24th 2011 for £15464.
I reminded you that due to illness, this return was late, but would be
forthcoming as soon as possible.
A return for that period was filed in January 2013 for £3681.
You again visited Bob Horns office in April of 2013.You examined my
paperwork and found no issues.
You asked for bank and Paypal details, for a six month period which I sent next
You telephoned me on May ro=, and told me that you would accept the revised
vat return for june pt 2007 to Jan24th 2011 of payment due of £3681.Plus any
mterest and penalties.I did remind you that HMRCcancelled penalties for my
late tax return of 2008/9 2009/10 due to extenuating circumstances.
Therefore the figures are,for the period March 2011 to March 2013, my credit
Less £3681 Plus any penalties and interest you mayor may not wish to levy.
However, considering I have been waiting for two years, for this payment,I will
have to further investigate as to whether, im due interest on this payment,
considering it is required for my business.
I feel I have acted courteously and totally transparently,in this matter and will
continue to do so.
However, I feel 1m not being treated fairly for someone who has to constantly
fight not only health issues,but also HMRC.
Please respond so that we can deal with this satisfactory before I have to go to
a tribuneral.
Best Regards

I dealt with another question from you on this some time ago. Can you tell me what reasons you are now being given for the delay in the VAT repayment being made to you and why you appear to have no confidence in your accountant to sort the problem out.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Tony,As I previously stated.My accountant is not really interested.I have been contacted by hmrc, and they are going to release payment, in approx 10 days.However, they are issuing 50% penalty for the late (£3681) vat payment, which is about £1800.

I didnt question it, However once i get my vat back ,can I take this to a trbuneral ?

When I paid my income tax late,i was also fined £1200.i wrote citing my medical problems at that time and they cancelled it.

Surely, if one department cancels it, then another should too?

Hi again.

You can appeal against a penalty and ask for a tribunal if HMRC won't cancel it. I have a client who handles his own VAT and he seems to have a knack of getting VAT penalties overturned on a regular basis citing health reasons so I'd certainly encourage you to take it as far as you can. With a bit of luck, HMRC may choose not to contest a tribunal and waive the penalty before it gets that far. Read the notes here for more information.

Given how long this has all taken, you should make a complaint about your treatment. Read the notes here for more information.

Since you've been told that the refund will be released in about ten days I don't know whether you intend to send your letter but if you do its well thought out.
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