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Do I have to pay tax on a dependant adult payment which my

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Do I have to pay tax on a dependant adult payment which my wife receives from my Irish state pension ?

Its MamaTax Here!

Could you please clarify the question or the following points?
1. Is your wife getting regular payments from your pension fund?
2. Where is your wife resident?
3. How is your wife getting access to your pension or is this a joint pension?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
1. No

2. UK with me

3. This is an Irish State Pension which is paid direct to her as a qualified
Adult on my Irish State pension

PS. I pay all my taxes on both my Irish &Uk pensions in the UK
Thansk leave this with me and i will get back.
Thanks for your patience - Got tied up with other commitments.

The bottomline is that this is your pension although your wife is receiving it. Therefore you should be taxed on the income and it doesn't matter if the money goes straight to your wife's bank account. I would then expect this amount paid to a defendant adult (wife in your case) to be treated as your income by the Irish tax office and would be taxed at source, if above the personal allowances.

When completing a UK tax return you should include the income in on your return. However you wont be taxed twice due to double tax agreement between UK and Ireland- in fact you are allowed to net off any tax already paid in Ireland (if any). The amount of foreign tax credit is always the smaller of:

1. the amount of foreign tax paid; and
2. the amount of the UK tax chargeable on that income


You can check the tax return foreign pages help notes for further details.


Should you require any further assistance do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards,

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