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Tony Tax
Tony Tax, Tax Consultant
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Hello TonyI am a supply teacher of 5 years. Over time, I

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Hello Tony
I am a supply teacher of 5 years. Over time, I have used several teaching agencies and I am paid by their 'umbrella' companies. I have a saved deposit and would like to get on the property ladder.
I need to show proof of my earnings for the past 2-3 years(I assume per year).
How do I do that? Which form do I fill in? I get the impression it won't be the SA302 as I get a payslip from the different agencies I work with.
It would be interesting for me to see as well how much I am making per year.
Can you please help me?

Do you get paid by a company that you are apparently a director of in such a way as to minimise your tax and national insurance contributions? Is any of your income paid in the form of dividends? Do you receive P60s? Do you complete annual tax returns?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello Tony

The teaching agencies I work for recommend their teachers to be paid via an umbrella company to minimise tax (not sure about ni contrbutions). I am unsure too whether I would be classed as director if paid in this way.

None of my income is paid in dividends but I do receive P60s.

I do not have to complete annual tax returns either.

I hope this helps



One of the reasons "umbrella" companies exist is to minimise national insurance liabilities as well as tax.

As you don't complete annual tax returns, you won't be able to get any SA302s. These are only issued to self-assessment taxpayers. The tax office will, however, issue you with P800 tax calculations on request by phone or letter (phone is quicker). Most lenders will insist on an SA302 or a P800 calculation as these are issued by HMRC and are about as credible as it comes when confirming a potential borrowers income as nobody overstates their income to HMRC. You may be asked for your P60s instead of P800 tax calculations as P800s carry less weight than an SA302 (I don't see why they should) but I'd be surprised if any lender would accept any documents from an umbrella company.

I hope this helps but let me know if you have any further questions.

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