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My offices comprise of two adjacent buildings I own one

Customer Question

My offices comprise of two adjacent buildings I own one building the other is leased (transferred From the previous occupant). The 21 yr lease is due for renewal, the landlord has advised me of the terms of the lease which states that when lease expires a minimum of 15,000 sq ft usable office space must be handed back, currently there is a maximum of 12,000 (the area available on inception of the lease). The only way 15,000 can be achieved is to build an extension, which would be very expensive. Alternatively the lease provides for the transferr of the adjacent building but this must be transferred at 'nii consideration'.
Question I understand that the lessees have a Statutory right to renew a lease am I entiltled to seek renewal 'as is' i.e. Does the Statutory right override the requirement to hand back 15,000 sh ft?
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: UK Property Law
Expert:  Nick H replied 11 months ago.

Hello - this seems very strange. How can you acquire a lease that sets out that the building must grow during the term?

Surely if this were the case then your solicitor would have advised you of this before you took the lease, especially if it

adversely effected your ownership of another property. The right to extend your lease by entering notice should stand

unless this is a lease that is not covered - unlikely. Do you have a copy of the lease available for me to see?