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Im in a really intense and complex legal situation with my

Customer Question

Hi Pearl, Im in a really intense and complex legal situation with my brother who is a qualified solicitor by profession in Commercial Law and stepmother following my late fathers death and have ended up in Court Proceeding in the High Court in London where I represented Myself as a Litigant in Person as I couldnt afford a Solicitor but I was fighting for Justice and im a fighter so when the situation escalated because of my brothers actions primarily i decided than the only choice I had to succeed is to fight my own defence myself and thats what i did but my brother hired a solicitor and huge legal team to represent him believing that it would give him the advantage and secure a win but he lost, and i won my legal case against him and his solicitor in relation to the Administration of the Deceases Estate. Prior to My Late Fathers Death in the Last Six Years of His Life after he suffered a stroke on Tuesday 27th March 2007, My brother appointed himself to manage my late fathers finances and Property Portfolio Business which consist of 11 properties at time Estimated Value was in Excess of £2,000,000.00 (Two Million), Despite my father requesting for me to manage his money and property business, because My Father didnt trust my brother or my stepmother and neither did I because I believe they both May take advantage of my Late Fathers Finances and Property Business because of the amount of money at their disposal.
JA: Since laws vary from place to place, what state is this in?
Customer: I'm in the UK
JA: Have you talked to a lawyer yet?
Customer: yes but my case involves Fraud and unless I can pay upfront cost or willing to take the cost from my late fathers estate i cant seem to find a solicitor willing to wait to be paid
JA: What advice did they give you? Anything else you think the lawyer should know?
Customer: I have substantial Evidence of Fraud and yesterday I sent Court Documents with My Witness Statement and Supporting Evidence to prove Fraud in various contexts of the Unlawful Actions to Embezzle Substantial Amounts of Money from the Deceases Death prior and following the Deceases Death which i was not aware was happening until several months passed. I also discovered that they all Concealed from declaration approximately 90% of the Deceases Actual Assets at the Date of Death in an intential Attempt to Defraud Me Out of My Legal Entitlement and Inheritance. They also tried to sell my home without my knowledge awareness and consent when I when to work in an attempt to sell it before probate because they want the money but it is my home that was also the permanent residence of my late father who meant everything to me and i am fighting to keep it as it does mean everything to me but my brother and stepmother are doing everything possible to jeopardise the roof over my head knowing that i don't want to sell it as to me money isn't everything. He deliberately stopped mortgage payments on my home without my knowledge while telling me that the mortgage is being paid then by the time i discovered what he had actually done my home is now in arrears by several thousands in excess of £17,000 on top of the actual mortgage on the property which is also still in my late fathers name
JA: OK. Got it. I'm sending you to a secure page on JustAnswer so you can place the $5 fully-refundable deposit now. While you're filling out that form, I'll tell the Property Lawyer about your situation and then connect you two.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Property Law
Expert:  Stuart J replied 1 year ago.

if you have a lot of evidence of fraud, why have you not gone to the police with this?

You say that he stop paying mortgage payments on your home. Do you mean your fathers home living?

Did your father leave a will and if so, who was appointed executor?

What is it that you want to know about this?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Stuart,I did go to the Police they told me I cant make the Report to them because they only deal with Criminal Law although Fraud forms part of Criminal Activities in my case I was told it fell into Civil Law and at the time i was already in Court Proceedings in the High Court having to prepare my own legal defence and paperwork myself which if your not familiar can be quite daunting and a little scary and did take sometime to prepare so was quite stressful most of the time i was also still grieving for the loss of my father who died Intestate, so I was told to make an Official Report to the Fraud Unit for England which i have now done the week before last.Well when my late father died he had a solicitor and i naturally presumed that my late fathers solicitor would administer the deceases estate but i learnt later that my brother appoint him to administer my late fathers estate however i sensed that between my late fathers solicitor, my brother and stepmother they werent being honest about all the information they knew and thats when i realised instead of my late fathers solicitor acting for all beneficiaries he had sided with my brother and stepmother and doing everything to ensure they accomplish their desired outcome of the sale of my home and all the other existing properties in the deceases current estate because they wanted the money but i wanted to protect as much of what was left because I valued my father very much and second i valued all that he had accomplish in his life because he always did his best to give us the best quality of life he could afford especially when it came to our education, etc... Hence, i leaned that my brother had sold five of the deceases property during the last six years of his death and my late fathers solicitor was involved and lied to me about the certain facts and details of the sale to me after the deceases death. After death i discovered that my brother and stepmother have unlawfully embezzled in excess of £100,000.00+ from the deceases bank accounts prior and following his death and when my late father died i asked my brother and stepmother if they touched any of the deceases money and if they were involved in the sale of the five properties that belonged to the decease and they both denied touching any of the deceases money and also denied being involved in any stages of the sale of each of the properties sold, and my late fathers solicitor also denied contact with my brother and stepmother in relation to the sale of the five properties that were all unlawfully sold by my brother in 10 months while he was in a position of trust and supposed to be acting for and on behalf of my late father at time, but he didnt. Even till today they all deny doing anything these things amongst other unlawful actions but through my own investigations and determination to get to the truth of what happened to my late fathers money and properties.i discovered that they all had lied to me about their true/real actions, to prove i wasnt going crazy and that what concerns i had raised did exist i tried my best to retrieve as much original evidence as possible to prove they acted unlawfully. I asked my late father solicitor for copies of the Original signed completion letters by my late father for each of the properties sold when i asked in person initially he told me that he wasnt involved in the sale of any of the properties but i already knew he was but i didnt let him know i knew that he was involved, and at this point i realised that if he could lie about something so crucial what else could he potential lie about or conceal from me as he also knew that i did not have any details or documents for all of the deceases assets unlike my brother and stepmother had because they were the only two individual managing the deceases money and other assets prior to his death. My Late Fathers Solicitor also tried to imply that my late father may have appointed another solicitor to manage the sale of those five five properties, and my response was: that i knew my father like myself he was a very private man and this was a action that did not and was not an action my late father was likely to pursue as he always preferred to do business with someone he trust and someone he had done business with before, he did not do business with anyone/everyone so what you are saying is in my opinion unlikely then i told him that i know you were the solicitor who handled the sale of the five properties belonging to the deceased in principle but the correspondence letters is what made me question his competence and sincerity. He realised there that although i may not be aware of everything that happened im not going to believe everything that is said to me, he felt awkward because i exposed him but i quickly moved on and just said if you dont mind can you locate those documents to me at the earliest convenience as its important and it will also give me some closure to my concerns, etc.. He accepted
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
to give the documents to me in person on that day however it is believed that he updated my brother of the situation and following this later refused to provide me with the 'Completion Letters Signed by My Late Father for Each of the Five Sold Properties' and to date im still waiting to see them as my brother and stepmother have also refused and hided the original copy that would've been sent to my late father at the time of the sales. After leaving i realised that i may never see sight of this document with my late fathers signature on it so i need to do everything i can to locate whatever solicitor papers i could find in my home to prove the sale of the five properties at the time of sale and if possible fine other solicitors letter for the same properties sold but this time when my late father purchased the properties unfortunately i wasnt able to locate all of the solicitors letter for the purchases but i managed to fine 3 of the 5 and i manged to locate all five letters at the date of sale. it was when i had the deceases solicitors sided by side that i noticed that at the Date of the Sales ALL of the Solicitor Letters were Addressed to My Brother instead of My Late Father who was the Property Owner and All the letters of purchase was addressed to my late father as it should have been.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
unfortunately as my brother and stepmother are after my late fathers money they are trying to sell my home despite my fight to protect and keep it, and have started proceedings to evict me from my home, which im due to be evicted from my home on Tuesday 21st June 2016 by the bailiffs, and i want to know can i apply for Squatters Rights as the Property in Still in My Late Fathers Name as Probate is not Completed Yet?