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Our landlord invited s ex estate agent girlfriend into our

Customer Question

Our landlord invited his ex estate agent girlfriend into our property when we requested a meeting without asking our permission. She is not listed on the tenancy agreement and holds no stake in the property. She was rude, aggressive and now I find out that she is ringing the Agent and instructing him regarding our tenancy. She should have no in put whatsoever, or am I wrong regarding this matter? We wish to leave prior to the tenancy end and the landlord has given permission if we pay remarketing fees. The fees seem extortionate, £350 plus Vat, but also Tenancy Registration £50.00 and £150 plus VAT Inventory fee. I would pay the marketing fee, for the rest can he legally enforce what has been requested?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Property Law
Expert:  Clare replied 1 year ago.


Thank you for your question

My name is ***** ***** I shall do my best to help you.

I am afraid that if you wish to terminate your tenancy early then you will need to pay all the fees requested.

The alternative is to remain where you are for the balance of the term.

Equally bad news is the fact that your Landlord is entitled to delegate the matter to anyone he chooses

not of course that that person has any right to be rude.

I am sorry to have to give such bad news - please ask if you need further details


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