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Thomas Judge
Thomas Judge, solicitor Advocate
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I live in a mid terrace property, I have a right of way

Customer Question

Hi there,
I live in a mid terrace property, I have a right of way providing access to my rear garden through my neighbours garden.
Out of curiously to avoid invasion on my neighbours privacy I haven't used my right of way in the 10yrs I have lived at my house.
My neighbours now have 2 large dogs which are left to roam their garden whilst they are out in the day and they lock the side gate which locks off my access.
I am now having an extension built in my rear garden and have Asked to use the right of way so builders can bring materials in and out of my garden.
My neighbour is saying I have to provide a solicitor letter stating that I will erect a fence to keep his dogs secure, anyone entering his garden has to sign a disclaimer stating that they will not procsecute if they get bitten by his dogs (cross staffies) because of the liciencing that goes with having that breed of dog he is worried of the co
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: UK Property Law
Expert:  Thomas Judge replied 2 years ago.

what is the question >?