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Neighbour Parking on Shared Access?

Customer Question

We live in a private cul de sac of several detached houses. The access road is private and goes past some of the houses and terminates at the remaining two; one of which is ours. The deeds clearly show the access road as a hatched area on the plan that is covered by covenants giving all the right to use it as a roadway or footpath; it is tarmac and the ownership of the entire access road is explicitly split between the five properties rather than being joint title, or owned by any third party such as the developer.

My neighbour believes that they have the right to park their cars on that part of the access road that is explicitly under my ownership, on the grounds that the access is shared and that the relevant part of the access road is hatched on the deeds, regardless of the property boundary. There is no fundamental issue of getting access to my property; I am not being blocked in, however I wish to find out if my neighbour is correct and can park on my property.

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: UK Property Law