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Category: UK Property Law
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Private tenant, property repairs and rent payed to a

Customer Question

Private tenant, property repairs and rent payed to a management company. I have had the following situations; - leaking bedroom skylight, took 14 weeks to send in a man with a tube of bathroom mastic, funnily the successful repair took 6 months in total.
Water leaked into the bedroom every time it rained (my sons bedroom, near expensive electronics) - heating/hot water packed in dec 1. Took 18 days with no heating and hot water to fix, in fact after 5 days the owner (lives in UAE) had not replied to the MC,
so nothing had been done! - leaking raps in kitchen caused the worktop to disintegrate and fall off the wall. Reported 8 months ago, took 7 months to send a complete cowboy around, kitchen is a big mess. Management company blame landlord, I blame management
company as I believe it's their responsibility to manage. Now in dispute - any advice?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: UK Property Law
Expert:  Knowitalll replied 2 years ago.
You can write directly to the owner and complain about the condition of the property. That often gets results, because the landlord is paying the manager to take care of those problems. you can even suggest to the owner that he obtained new managers. You say that you are now in a dispute over whose responsibility it is. Management company can't blame the landlord if it's their responsibility to make the repairs. That is not your problem. In many states there are tenant rights laws which would permit you to withhold rent or make repairs yourself, and deduct the cost from your rent.
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