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My landlord has just informed me that she wants to increase

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My landlord has just informed me that she wants to increase my rent by a hundred pounds a month, from the end of my current six-month tenancy contract (which expires in less than a month). Can she do this?
Thank you for the question. It is my pleasure to help you with this today. Please bear with me if I ask for more information.
What is the current rent?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello - thank you for your help.


My current rent is £650 pcm

The first thing I would do is get a valuation of what the market rent should be.
Armed with that you can then decide whether you want to go to the first tier of the Rent Tribunal or not.
You need to be careful for two reasons, firstly, you may end up getting costs awarded against you if the rent is a fair rent already, even with the hundred pounds increase and secondly because if the tribunal thinks that the rent is too low, it can increase it.
The other issue is that the landlord, if he knows that you are going to take her to a tribunal to get the rent increased, can give you notice to quit and simply tried to get a new tenant.
Of course, the landlord only has to have the property empty for a short while and lose the full monthly rent to easily negate the increase. If she wanted to increase the rent by £100 per month and you didn’t want to do it and moved out or the landlord gave you notice to quit, and the property was empty for 2 months, she has lost two months rent at £650 per month, which is 13 months, so it would be another 30 months before she even got back to normal.
Unfortunately in cases like this usually ends up being a case of bluffing it and saying that if the landlord wants £100 extra, you will have no option to either apply to the rent Tribunal or vacate.
Can I answer any specific points arising?
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