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I have completed a loft conversion structurally a week ago

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I have completed a loft conversion structurally a week ago and my neighbour sent me a solicitors letter telling me to stop work as I did not have a party wall agreement .
As I said there was no more structural work to be done . Because the work has already been completed does my neighbour have rights to enforce the party wall agreement or is the act void as the structural work has been completed . Do I have to pay for his surveyor ?
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The works that have already been undertaken are technically unlawful as you did not serve a notice and you should try to regularise this, as best you can, by obtaining confirmation that the adjoining owners have no objection to them. You cannot serve Notice retrospectively so a simple letter to the adjoining owners is probably the best way forward, enclosing particulars of the work that have been carried out. You will have to pay for his surveyor.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I don't feel you have answered the question ... Which was..."... The work on the party wall has all been completed, so does this make the party wall act void.." I had read this on a forum ....???
Sorry I thought that I had made it clear. The fact that the work has been completed does not make the act void. You have still sadly acted in a technically unlawful way and your neighbour is entitled to take action.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
What action can they take and what do you mean by technically?
They have apparently instructed a party wall engineer.. Do we have to instruct one too, or can we use the same one? Thanks
They can make a claim for damages against you. Technically means in this context that although you have done something unlawful there is a way to hopefully resolve this matter if you can negotiate with them in a sensible way. At this stage you only need their party wall engineer to prepare a report.

Please remember to rate happy to assist further if necessary
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
And what if he is ignoring us? How are we supposed to sort it
This is actually a different question to the one you originally posted, so please remember to rate positively. He has you have written sent you a solicitors letter - you should reply to this and suggest a meeting with the neighbour to try and resolve the dispute.
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