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wingrovebuyer, Solicitor
Category: UK Property Law
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My parents died a couple of years ago and my sister was made

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My parents died a couple of years ago and my sister was made executor. The estate was settled according to the will and the funds distributed apart form the family home that I have inherited 1/3 of. I live abroad and have asked several times over the past 18 months on the status of the property. I have tried to find out if it had been sold, rented or occupied by my sisters family for example. Despite my efforts my sister (the executor) refuses to answer or address my interests. This has lead me to believe that things are not as they should be and I need to know what rights I have in order to proceed. I hope someone can inform me on the following 1. Whats rights to information from the executor do i have? 2. Can the executor sell, rent or handle the property as she pleases or does this have to be agreed and informed via the benefactors? 3. What do you suggest that i do?

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Province/Country relating to question : Nortehrn England

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Several mails to the executor, as well as to the solicitor that handled the estate under probate

wingrovebuyer : Hello. I'm afraid that even as a beneficiary you have very little say and no real rights to get answers from the executor. However, an executor gas a duty to act in a right and proper way, as they are effectively acting as your trustee, and refusing to provide you with information regarding your inheritance arguably offends that general duty. I suggest you email your sister again and say that she's being uneeasonable and that if she doesn't provide the information you've requested, you will engage your own solicitor to pursue matters. Hopefully that threat might work. With regard to her powers, she has legal title to the house and so can sell it or rent it out no matter what your wishes are. Again, however, she'd be foolish to ignore your wishes, given the fact she has this general duty to act reasonably and properly.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

As I live in Norway I will need someone to assist me in this. I am a little afraid that she is renting or loaning out the property "unofficially". This not only reduces the market value but the income should be split in accordance with the will? I own a 1/3

I had already sent her an email prior to your answer, luckily with exactly the same text as you suggested.

If I could appoint you as my council, or you could recommend someone then this would really help. The property is in Bispham, Blackpool

Hello. You can't appoint me I'm afraid as everything has to be done over this site. However, it should be fairly easy to find a local solicitor to handle this for you. I suggest you pick a decent high street firm in the locality of the property and just drop them a email via their generic email address. Best of luck.
wingrovebuyer and other UK Property Law Specialists are ready to help you

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