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Before I bought my leasehold flat I asked for permission in

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Before I bought my leasehold flat I asked for permission in writing through Solicitor to keep a small dog on the premises. I moved in in May with said dog and since then I have been asked to sign a licence form. This includes a fee of £250, photograph of dog, vet's certificates to say he has regular flea and worm treatments etc. I would point out that he has a chip, Pet Passport, insurance, vaccinations and is well behaved. Do I have to sign this licence?

What does your lease say about pets and consent?

Kind regards

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The lease says 'No dog, bird, cat or reptile shall be kept on premises except with prior written consent of the landlord, which consent may be revoked at the discretion of the landlord.'


Did your solicitor actually ask for permission before you bought the flat?

What did the landlord say in response at the time?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I bought the flat off plan whilst I was living in Singapore with the dog in residence with me. I would not have bought the flat without this express permission. I also confirmed before completion of purchase through my Solicitors to Berkeley Homes Solicitors that this permission was still in place.


Thanks for your reply.

You need to go back and check written express permission that your landlord's provided before you completed purchase.

If it is the case that the landlord gives you the permission in their reply without making it is subject to matters but they are now asking for or subject to revision at a later date then I would expect that they would be frustrated from legal recourse against you now.

This would mean that you could keep at it and not provide whatever they are asking for now and in all likelihood provided you have evidence of the express permission they could probably not take action against you.

If however, they did not grant the express permission or make the permission subject to revision at a later date or subject to the conditions they have asked for now then you would have to comply with them.

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Kind regards

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