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Thomas Judge
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My landlord has authorized a person to come into my rented

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My landlord has authorized a person to come into my rented property unannounced and without due notice and removed the mattress from the main bedroom. After much complaining and 2 days later we received a replacement mattress that was quite filthy. It is different to the mattress on the inventory list and not fit for purpose as it's stained, smells and dirty.


I have returned the mattress to the agent and refused to accept. the agent said this is the only mattress they can offer, although highly unlikely I was willing to accept it IF they send it to a cleaning service.


This seems like intentional harassment - what are my option to be compensated, receive the correct mattress etc?

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This is clearly unacceptable behaviour. They are also potentially in breach of contract if the property rented included certain items in it including this mattress. I would write to the landlord setting out that you want the issue resolved within 24 hours failing which you will seek compensation in the small claims court
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