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My Mother gifted a property to me without consideration, my

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My Mother gifted a property to me without consideration, my Stepbrother has asked a solicitor to be involved as they think she made the wrong mistake.
can they force me to give the property back to her?
Thank you for your question. When did this happen? Why would they wish to challenge it ?How much property does your mother have?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi This took place early this year in January, my Mother has a large portfolio of property and her own house all mortgage free worth over 4 million.

He thinks he should have inherited it.

Ok well unless there is any evidence that your mother was not of sound mind or that you had in some way used undue influence to obtain eh gift, there is no basis to set it aside. What does your mother say about this?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ok thanks, XXXXX XXXXX she and my late Father have used for years are peeved because she chose to use another Solicitor as she lost confidence is her Solicitor and they are pricey, her words.

My Stepbrother is close friends with the Solicitors too, and they I think are trying to build a case as my Stepbrother wanted all of the properties for himself.

Sorry, also my Mother said to me that they think that she has been a silly vulnerable old Lady!

I asked her if she wanted it back she said no.

Well if your mother has a large state there is no way your stepbrother should expect to have all of it unless there was a good reason why your mother would wish to disinherit you.

I am sure the solicitor she used would support the fact she was of sound mind and acting of her own volition. It is probably sensible planning to try and make some life time gifts anyway.

I would be inclined not to worry about it and tell your step brother to stop.

which parent do you have in common? Your father? Is it from him that the bulk of the estate originally came? Is that the issue?
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