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Thomas Judge
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Hi, This is a question on behalf of my fiancée. To cut the

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Hi, This is a question on behalf of my fiancée. To cut the story short, she had to go to court to solve a dispute over her previous home, which she had bought with her now ex-husband. The judge ordered the house to be signed over to her dependent on the mortgage company. She has engaged a solicitor in the same firm that dealt with the divorce and also handled the court proceedings. Said solicitor contacted the bank regarding the transfer of deeds and they arranged for a remortgage solely in my fiancée's name, for which she has been accepted.

Now the problem is that the bank has engaged another solicitors to deal with the remortgage, and she has received several forms from the banks solicitors. One of these forms was regarding the transfer of deeds stating that they would deal with this, and after talking to the banks solicitors they insist that they should deal with the transfer of the deeds rather than the company we have already agreed to go with. What should we do (our own solicitor isn't being very helpful with this either insisting that the bank needs to contact her)?

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Fundamentally it is her choice who she wishes to act on her behalf and equally the Bank are able to instruct solicitors to act regarding the remortgage (they have panel solicitors these days) and she will ultimately be charged for the work which they do pursuant to the terms of the mortgage. It may thus prove cheaper in the long run (although she should check this) for the Bank's solicitors to do the transfer - although the choice remains hers in the end.

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