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Conveyance England

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I am a junior at a solicitors firm. I am undertaking a conveyance on behalf of the seller. The buyer's solicitors have asked me to provide inter-alia the "standard Conveyancing Protocol Forms". Please can you tell me what these are and where I can get them?


Thanks for your patience.

When acting for a Seller in a conveyance the Seller Solicitor’s must send the draft contract and supporting documentation giving information about the property to the Buyer’s Solicitors. The protocol documentation forms part of the supporting documentation that should be sent to the Buyer’s Solicitors.

The protocol forms are essential property information forms and consist of the following:-
1. Property Information form – this asks basic questions about the property, the rights of the property, disputes, works carried out to the property, utilities, boundaries, warranties and guarantees for items at the property
2. Fittings & Contents form. This is a checkbox form which lists all the various fixtures and fittings at the property and contains boxes which the Seller should tick to state whether the item is included in the sale, excluded from the sale or whether there is no such item at the property
3. Leasehold Property Information Form – this is only required in transactions where the property being sold is a leasehold property (as opposed to a freehold property). It asks questions about the lease, the building and the freeholder and the charges payable to them.

Your firm will either have precedent forms, or will have their own versions. You should ask your supervisor where these can be found.

They need to be completed by the Seller, returned to you and then submitted by you with the draft Contract and any other documentation.

If the Seller has not completed them then they need to be sent to them for them to complete. You need to ask your superviser where you can find them. They will be saved on their precedent folder on their server, most likely.

If the Seller has completed them then they should be on the file that your firm has for the client so you can get them from there.

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Kind regards,

Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Thank you.

Are they the TA6 and TA10 Forms?

I am on my own today and need to complete them before 5pm




TA6 is the property information form, TA10 is the fittings & contents form.

Obviously, you need the client to complete them and you would need them to physically come to the office because they must sign the forms at the end.

Please remember to rate my answer.

Kind regards,

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Finally do I just complete TA6 and TA10 or do I also complete TA11 and TA12, or any other forms?


If the property is simply a normal residential property (owned as freehold) then you just have to complete TA6 & TA10..

Please rate my answer. I will continue to answer your follow up qusetion.

Kind regards

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.



All the best

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