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Thomas Judge
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Just under six months ago I signed a unsecured tenancy agreement

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Just under six months ago I signed a unsecured tenancy agreement for a lodger (who I thought we a good friend of mine that needed helping out with housing) to rent a room in my house but for complicated reasons, which I am able to explain should I need to, I didn't get a copy of it. If I ask my lodger for a copy of it now, is she legally obliged to provide me with a copy? Without I am a totally at sea (I realise this now).

Many thanks
Isabel Walker
Thanks for your question. Please remember to click ACCEPT once you get my answer.

She does not have to give you the agreement pre court proceedings, but it is a bit daft if she does not give you a copy of the agreement as if there were ever court proceedings she would need to provide a copy to the court - so it makes sense if you say I have mislaid the agreement can I get a copy of it. If proceedings were issued then she would need to provide a copy both to you and the court in any event
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Thomas, thank you for your reply. So if I understand things correctly, for now I can't really do anything if she refuses to give me a copy until her leave date (5th Oct) is past and I am forced to begin court proceedings?

Yes - you can not really force her without court assistance (as mentioned above) to give you a copy of the agreement. I would however formally write to her to request a copy
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK, thanks for your assistance, I will request a copy from her and if she refuses I will put the request in writing together with a statutory notice to quit which I think I also have to do.

That is very sensible.

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