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My question is to establish a point on planning law. I bought

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My question is to establish a point on planning law.
I bought my house in November 2011. Apparently I should have had a 'Plan Search Plus'
My neighbour had a single planning application approved/permitted in the year 2002. The single approval was for 2 separate extensions on his house. One extension on the front of his house and one at the rear.

He built and completed the front extension, but, by this year, some 10 + years later (2013) he had not started the rear extension.

The Planning department at Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk have now implied that this permission (ref: 2/02/1503/F) for the rear extension is still valid.

I cannot believe that the law was intended to secure a planning permission in this way and I am now faced with a neighbours extension which will block the view of the sky, winter sunlight and solar gain from my kitchen window. Apparently my 'rights to light' do not apply in this case.

My question is this. Is the permission for the rear extension still valid?
Hello. I'm sorry, but this actually sounds right. In planning law, a permission usually lasts only three years, however, provided an applicant has started work under the permission, it won't expire. In effect, once the work has started, the applicant can take as long as they like to complete the work unless their is a planning condition that the work must be completed within a certain time limit. That would be unlikely to apply in the case of a permission for home extensions. Sorry this isn't what you wanted to hear, but I'm afraid that is the position. Does this make sense or can I help further?
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