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difficoult relation whit my housemate

Resolved Question:

Hi I am lexperiencing a difficoult relation whit my housemate( 3 girl 26-27 28 year old) , we were really good friend but now I assertivly cut of the friendship for too many reason to explayn here. What lead to this situation is the pooar clean state of the house , i pointed out so many time they started to be annoyed and we end up as "enemy" but never the less they just clean for a couple of days then again dirty. They wont to kick me off from the house , if I could I have done it immediatly but my finantial situation does not allow me to. I so have to cope whit them. Now I want send them the following mail. Can you tell me if there is something illegal , and any other suggestion? thanks antonio. -------------________________

I can see you totally ignoring me since the last meeting.

It is in your right.

Especially after my assertive mail about my cut to our friendship.


Whit this situation seams to me not possible have a reasonable discussion between us.


I believe the whole situation is the resoulte of a degenerative argumentation about the cleaning issue, and  you nor been able to digest it.


Now I’ll try to explain what lead me to be so intransigent.


I do this for a constructive purpose.


I hope this will help you one day.


First : Hygiene hygiene hygiene.


Second: it is more difficult to do your own personal cleaning task if there is mess around.( example if the sink is full it is a mess to clean my dishes).


Third , and I am ashamed to say such things,

I been ashamed more than once from other people comments( mainly your fiends), about  the hygienic state of the house.


Few times in the past I heard people saying they will never eat in our kitchen .


I found the way how you clean  barely sufficient and incomplete;

Example : poorly washed plates and pot.


Clean the kitchen does not only mean to clean the dishes, but mop the floor , the horizontal and VERTICAL surface, clean the bottom of the bin container, the fridge, and so on.


Since I am leaving with you I do not remember any of you mop the floor in full , you just use the mop to take off spillages, now and then, I do on a weakly basis.


But what really frustrated me is the comments about the toilet.


I heard and I have been subject of jokes about clearly exposed feminine hygiene’s toiletries,


I did never had the courage to tell you this issue, I should have done in your interest,


I am doing now.


I suggest you to buy one on that special bin , there it is one really good for the purpose in the poundlad shop near the Tesco in old kent road, for the cheap price of 4 pound.


But the disgusting things is that one or more of you,  not really often but more than occasionally, do not brush off faecal residue from the back side of the  toilet.


Not to tell the time when one of your friend vomited in the toilet leaving clear residue of salad and onion on the side, I did not what to clean that mess, you all new which of your friend was , but nevertheless I ended up cleaning it after one weak.


Because I could see you do really do not know where to start, I suggest you to take some Housekeeping classes,,P,B,Z,Y,U,C/town_city/GREATER+LONDON/page.htm


Or read a book , here a list,



This mail doesn’t want to be offensive but I can understand it is harsh, do take it as suggestion ( to the loyer  could you please formulate this in a better way ?) thanks

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: UK Property Law
Expert:  Thomas replied 6 years ago.

Thanks for your question.

There is no illegal act there that I can see. There is no element of defamation and, in any event, even if there were defamation actions are prohibitively expensive.

If you are named on a tenancy agreement with others then the liability will be joint and several which means if there are monies owing because remedial works/cleaning are required following deduction from the deposit held by the landlord then they landlord will be able to sue either or any of the tenants for the monies.

It is the responsibility of you all to use the property in a tenant like manner, you have to work this out between yourselves because in the end each of you is liable. If other tenants are not pulling their weight then those that are need to request that they do. If they continue not to then you should raise your concerns with the landlord, who may say it’s your collective problem or may appreciate the culpability of one of the tenants and then take this in to account in the future.

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I will answer your follow up questions you may have.

Kind regards,

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Expert:  Thomas replied 6 years ago.

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