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I sold a house nearly 9 years ago and have just discovered

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I sold a house nearly 9 years ago and have just discovered that I have been paying house insurance on that property ever since. I have stopped the payments but the insurance company insists I have a solicitor's letter confirming when I sold the property. Unfortunately, the solicitor I used has retired. Any suggestions please?

Is the practice from which the solicitor practiced still open?



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
No. He was a "one-man band" and although I was advised that some of his papers were stored with another local solicitor, they only went back 5 years. I have obviously already contacted them and should probably have included this on the already tried part!

Okay, do you know if the people who purchased from you are still living there?



Customer: replied 6 years ago.

To be honest, I've no idea and wouldn't feel comfortable knocking on the door in case they weren't the people who bought it from me. Do you think estate agent records go back that far? I CAN remember which one of them I used. If so, could this be adequate?



The reason I was asking is because if they are then they will still be listed as the registered proprietors of the legal title to the property at the land registry.


Download copy of the register for the property by using the following LR site:-

You will have to pay a £4.00 fee.


If they still own the property then they will be listed as the registered proprietors in the proprietorship register. Next to there names on the left there will be a date. This will be the date their names were first entered on the registered. Practically this will be about a month after the date you sold the property and you can produce this as evidence to the insurance company. This is definitive evidence of when the legal title to the property property changed hands to the current purchasers and I cannot see how they would refuse this if you wrote to them explaining the position.

If they are not listed as the joint proprietors then you will have to call the land registry and ask for a specific enquiry answered in writing about the chain of ownership and produce this instead.


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