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I recently moved into a prestige rented apartment in Leeds.

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I recently moved into a prestige rented apartment in Leeds. There have been various problems with the quality of the furnishings in the property but things have got critical when I have discovered that the dishwasher and kitcghen sick are discharging into the washing machine. The agent for the landlords has been very obstructive suggesting that this problem may be my responsibility as there has been ' no history of such problems'. He has arranged for a plumber to attend the property tomorrow to assess the situation but has even forbidden me to speak to the plumber about the problem as he has briefed the plumber fully on the problem! Am I on a hiding to nothing witgh this agent?
Andrew Priestley



Thanks for your question.


Check your tenancy agreement, your landlord will be responsible to keep the property in repair. This is a disrepair issue.

You should formally write to the the landlord (copying in the agent to all correspondence troughout the duration of this issue) specifying the disrepair, making a list of the reasonable repair required and ask that he make those repairs within a reasonable time (eg. 7, 10 or 14 days). State that if the landlord does not make the repair within that time you will pay to have the repairs made and will seek to claim the expense from him and are prepared to make an application to court if necessary.

If the landlord does not make the repair you can pay to have it done and then write a formal letter before action to him requesting the payment of the cost. If he does not pay you can issue a claim for the money yourself through Her Majesty Courts Service's online service:

Its pretty cheap and straightforward to use.


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.


Unfortunately I do not have access to the landlord, my only point of contact is with the agent who is being very obstructive.


Demand it from them.


If they refuse you can look up the ownership of the flat by downloading a copy of the freehold title register from the Land Registry website for £4.00 per register. Use this search service by entering you post code and address. If it generates too many titles call the Land Registry and ask them to check which title number relates to your flat. This will contain details of who owns the leasehold title and who is therefore your landlord. It will also contain an address for service for him:-


State to the agents you are aware that you can find out who the landlord is by the above method so any refusal to give an address for his needless obstruction. ,


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