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Category: UK Property Law
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hello.iam renting a flat in chelsea and iam paying 1800 per

Resolved Question:

hello.iam renting a flat in chelsea and iam paying 1800 per month my hot water is not workin 7 days now and my landlord doesnt care and dosent reply.his manager told me will be fix it in 10 days.can you please advise me what i need to do?
Kind Regards,
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: UK Property Law
Expert:  Thomas replied 7 years ago.


As to repair, the Landlord is under an obligation to keep the property in a good state repair and maintenance. If it is in disrepair (ie. because the boiler is not working), request that he carry out the specific works within a reasonable time (say 14 days) in a letter to him. You should send this now event though the landlord has said he will fix it in 10 days and keep a copy.


Also state that that if he does not then you will pay to have the works done and seek to claim the expense from him.

If he does not carry out carry out the repair works you can pay to have them done yourself. You can then claim the money back from your landlord by issuing a claim through

Do not withhold any rent from the Landlord because of the repair issue, if you do you would be in breach of contract and landlord could serve a notice to vacate the property one you.


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

hi again,

as you can understand iam paying 2000 per month and hot water is what i need for my health i cant wait 10 or 14 days to fix the outside is -5 degrees and i cant go to my work i need shower.i dont believe that nobody can protect me.i need you to give me more solutions as my health is on risk right now.

kind regards

Expert:  Thomas replied 7 years ago.



I acknowledge that it must be very frustrating for you.


In that case, you should still go to the local council and tell them that you boiler is not working. Ask them to send a environmental officer round and they will hopefully serve an enforcement notice on the Landlord asking for him to repair the boiler. If they also classify the property as uninhabitable you can terminate your agreement with landlord.


You should still write to the Landlord as described above, but also ask him to provide you with fan heaters and an immersion heater for the bath as a matter of urgency until the boiler is repaired.You can then attempt to reclaim the increase in the utility bills from the Landlord.


I hope this helps, if so please kindly click accept.


Kind regards,




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