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Myself and two friends are renting a private property in London.

Resolved Question:

Myself and two friends are renting a private property in London. We pay cash once a week and the landlord signs the rent book each time. Recently there have been a number of problems with the property which we have informed the landlord about - electrical problems (the system keeps blowing and each time it is fixed it trips out again), we have spent the last 3 weeks without lights in our bedrooms and bathroom. The landlord's father has been to try and fix this and has left loose wires around the building. There is damp coming through the walls and mould in the bathroom and kitchen and on window sills. There is no banister and loose floorboards on the landing. We have been promised numerous times that everything will be fixed but this never happens.

For the past 3 weeks - since being without electricity and heating we have refused to pay rent as we believe the house is unhabitable. She is disagreeing and demanding rent off us. Where do we stand?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: UK Property Law
Expert:  Thomas replied 7 years ago.

Hello Marypoppins,


It is not legal for you to withhold rent from the Landlord because of the disrepair. For you to do so would mean that you are in breach of contract and therefore the landlord could serve a notice to vacate on you.


As to repair, the Landlord is under an obligation to keep the property in a good state repair and maintenance. If it is in disrepair, request that he carry out the specific works within a reasonable time (say 14 days) in a letter to him. Also state that that if he does not then you will pay to have the works done and seek to claim the expense from him


If he does not carry out carry out the repair works you can pay to have them done yourself. You can then claim the money back from your landlord by issuing a claim through


You may also consider contacting the environmental department of your local authority. They will send an officer out to inspect the property, if he finds it uninhabitable then you will be able to terminate the agreement with your landlord.


I hope this helps, if so please kindly click accept so that I am rewarded for my effort.


Kind regards,




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